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2015 ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO

2015 ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO

Illinois Chapter ASLA played host to 5000+ landscape architects and allied professionals when the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO came to Chicago on November 6-9, 2015. ILASLA was excited to serve as Host Chapter again, and support ASLA’s efforts to make the 2015 a resounding, record-setting success.  Vital to that success was the army of volunteers needed to help develop field sessions; design and build a legacy project; promote Illinois landscape architecture; and act as concierge to connect visitors with Chicago amenities. 

We hope all of our volunteers found it to be a rewarding, fun experience and, more importantly, that you will remain actively involved in the Chapter. We cannot thank each of you enough for giving your time, your creativity, and your energy to this event.  We promise every moment spent mattered, and you were integral to the success of the 2015 ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO.

Host Chapter Co-chairs

Alan Watkins, ASLA

Erin Fiegel, pla, ASLA

[email protected]

While the ASLA Annual Meeting and EXPO has come and gone, ILASLA will still need energetic volunteers to support the ASLA / ACE Mentor Program Legacy Project, which will be implemented in Summer 2016.  To learn more about the Legacy Project, and how you can participate, please contact our Legacy Project Co-chairs or visit:


Legacy Project Co-chairs

Nik Davis, ASLA

Mary Patton, ASLA

[email protected]

Thank you to our other Sub-committee Co-chairs!

Field Sessions Co-chairs

Scott Mehaffey, FASLA

Sarah McDonald, ASLA

[email protected]

Host Chapter Booth Co-chairs

Michelle Inouye, ASLA

Adam White, ASLA

[email protected]