Professional Awards

The following categories were used to select this year's award-winning landscape architecture projects:


  • Recognizes constructed site-specific works of landscape architecture design. 
  • Describes and solves the goals and objectives of the project, the quality of the design solution, the choice and appropriateness of the materials, and the execution and appearance of the installed work. 
  • Considers plans for long-term maintenance, the project's relationship to its surroundings, the quality of the design solutions within budgetary constraints, and the project's overall significance to the profession and the environment.

Memorable Landscapes

  • Recognizes the restoration and/or renovation of historically significant landscapes; including parks, residential, institutional, and any historic renovation projects.

Planning and Analysis

  • Recognizes the wider variety of professional activity that leads to, guides, or evaluates landscape architectural design, including development plans; policies and programs; and various landscape analysis activities. 
  • Evaluates how well the project represents excellence in landscape architectural practice and how it exhibits new technology; pioneers previous credited methodology; or uniquely combines, presents, or programs landscape architecture techniques. 
  • Considers how well the project represents a significant opportunity for landscape architecture to impact the environment or environmental decision-making.


  • Examines design achievement in communicating landscape architectural information, technology, theory, or practice to those within or outside the profession. 
  • Evaluates the project's quality of content and presentation, usefulness to the intended reader or viewer, or overall significance to the profession, the public, and/or the environment.

Burnham Award

  • Recognizes a built or un-built landscape architecture plan or design which exemplifies the ideals and values of Daniel Burnham; representing his belief to 'Make No Little Plans', control urban growth, and strive towards the 'City Beautiful' Movement.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Recognizes a built or un-built project with a primary focus on conservation and sustainable design, which is an exceptional contribution towards the protection and long-term management of the natural resources of the Commonwealth.