The following individuals were very helpful during our drive to improve our licensure law.  By the end of May 2009, final negotiations removed all opposition resulting in legislation that is a significant step forward for Illinois landscape architects.  Without the help of these individual legislators, the upgrade to our title act would not have happened.

Ira L. Silverstein

Senator Ira L. Silverstein, a Democrat, has served the 8th District in the Illinois General Assembly since 1999, and chaired the Senate Committee on Licensed Activities and the Senate Subcommittee on Licensed Professionals, among other duties.  He was the initial sponsor and advocate of our bill in the senate.



Angelo 'Skip' Saviano
Representative Angelo "Skip" Saviano has been the State Representative for the 77th District since 1993.  He is a Republican and has been the Chairman of the Registration and Regulation Committee.  He was instrumental in bringing various opposition groups together to discuss and resolve potential problems with our bill.



Iris Y. Martinez
Senator Iris Y. Martinez serves the 20th District of the Illinois General Assembly as the first Hispanic woman to be elected to the Illinois legislature.  Also a Democrat, she is the Assistant Majority Leader for the Senate.  She helped the Chapter's bill by setting meetings with key players, and filing two bills on our behalf.



Robert 'Bob' Rita
Representative Robert "Bob" Rita is a Democrat from the 28th District, and is Chair of the Business and Occupational Licenses Committee, as well as the Subcommittee on Business Regulation.  With his persistence, stakeholders provided their comments and the House bill passed unanimously.