Landscape Architecture Act 096-0730: 
In early fall of 2009 the Governor of Illinois signed into law the current Landscape Architecture Act

Continuing Education:
Beginning with the 2015 renewal (for the period from September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2015) and every renewal thereafter, in addition to other requirements, every applicant for licensure renewal as a landscape architect shall complete 24 credit hours of continuing education (CE) relevant to landscape architecture.  Failure to comply with these requirements may result in non-renewal of the landscape architect's license, other disciplinary action, or both.

Professional Liability Insurance:
The requirement of insurance is based on those engaged in actual practice. Landscape architects not engaged in the practice of landscape architecture, do not need to have insurance to mantain their license. However, Landscape architects and landscape architecture firms may obtain professional liability insurance policies that insure individuals and/or entities against liability imposed by the act in accordance with (225 ILCS 315/4,5).

Landscape Architect Seal:

Every licensed landscape architect shall have a reproducible seal, or facsimile, the impression of which shall contain the name of the landscape architect, the license number, and words "Landscape Architect, State of Illinois".  Plans, specifications and reports related to landscape architectural practice and prepared by the landscape architect, or under his or her supervision, shall be stamped with his or her seal when filed.  A landscape architect's license must be in full force and effect in order to seal documents.  The seal, signature and dates may be electronically affixed. 

The term "Licensed" has replaced "Registered" in the law. Because licenses are issued by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation rather than registrations, this word change better fits current state procedures.

Initials Used to Designate a Licensed Landscape Architect:

With the Board of Trustees approval, ASLA is encouraging all licensed landscape architects to use the post-nominal letters “PLA” after their names. As an abbreviation of the title “professional landscape architect,” it will better enable potential clients and the general public to identify licensed practitioners. It will also provide consistent recognition for the landscape architecture profession across the nation.


VIEW THE TEXT FOR OUR NEW LAW - Public Act (096-0730) 

State of Illinois - Division of Professional Regulation for Landscape Architects


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