Hitchcock Design Group
Plainfield Riverfront Master Plan; Plainfield, Illinois

Client: Client: Village of Plainfield
Engineers: Hey & Associates, Inc.; Civiltech Engineering, Inc.
Market Economics: Business Districts, Inc.
Category: Planning & Analysis 

Developed as the result of a two-year planning process, the long-term vision of the Plainfield Riverfront Master Plan is to create an exciting and attractive riverfront corridor that links residents to the Village's history, geography, economy and culture in sustainable ways.

The landscape architect led a multi-disciplinary project team to maintain the natural character of the river, create a unique civic identity, unify Plainfield's historic urban core and provide for development and amenities that will spur economic growth. At the heart of the riverfront improvements is the Central Riverfront District. The strategic approach for the downtown area focuses on connecting urban amenities with recreation and social activities and renewing the vitality of the downtown as a community gathering place. Areas to the north and south of the district provide opportunities for both passive and active recreation as well as connectivity between residential areas and downtown Plainfield. North Park is well-suited for passive recreational uses because of its proximity to existing infrastructure, adjacent residential neighborhoods and planned DuPage River trail. Next to the river and existing wetlands, the area is ideal for conservation enhancement efforts. Much like North Park, South Park, the site of an obsolete sewer facility, will serve as a place for passive recreation uses and connect existing civic parks and trails.

These improvements, along with previous investments in downtown planning and infrastructure enhancements, have positioned Plainfield for the opportunity to create a unique downtown riverfront attraction that can become the unequivocal cultural centerpiece of the community. Their investment in riverfront development will, over time, return a high level of environmental, recreational and economic benefit to the downtown and the entire Village.