Posted 10/30/13

JCAR Rule Changes: CEUs and Seals

The finalized version of the amendments to the Administrative Rules have been approved by the Joint Committee of Administrative Rules (JCAR) effective October 18, 2013.  These Rules are now available on the JCAR website:

At this time hardcopies of the Act and Administrative Rules are not available.

If you are a Licensed Landscape Architect, you will be receiving a formal letter of change to JCAR rules within a few weeks – the goal is to have the letter out before the National ASLA Conference – November 11, 2013, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Two changes have been adopted that will immediately affect Licensed Landscape Architects.  The Executive Committee of the ILASLA will do its best to keep you informed and provide opportunities to receive CEUs. 


Section 1275.65  Continuing Education

a)         Continuing Education

1)    Beginning with the 2015 renewal (for the period from September 1, 2013 through August 31, 2015) and every renewal thereafter, in addition to other requirements, every applicant for licensure renewal as a landscape architect shall complete 24 credit hours of continuing education (CE) relevant to landscape architecture.  Failure to comply with these requirements may result in non-renewal of the landscape architect's license, other disciplinary action, or both.

Other rules apply, see website   

Section 1275 ILLUSTRATION A: Landscape Architect Seal Requirements

a)      Every licensed landscape architect shall have a reproducible seal, or facsimile, the impression of which shall contain the name of the landscape architect, the license number, and words "Landscape Architect, State of Illinois".  Plans, specifications and reports related to landscape architectural practice and prepared by the landscape architect, or under his or her supervision, shall be stamped with his or her seal when filed.  A landscape architect's license must be in full force and effect in order to seal documents.  The seal, signature and dates may be electronically affixed. 

Other rules apply, see website  

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If you would like to learn more about our licensure efforts, please contact our Public Service Committee or Advocacy Committee.